COVID-19 Announcement

Dear Chapel Family,
As a precautionary effort to protect the vulnerable within our community from the coronavirus (COVID-19) and in awareness of the governor’s order to restrict public gatherings, FHBC will hold services in the parking lot starting June 21. Please stay tuned as we learn more.

Services start at 10am. This is a change from our traditional meeting time. Please arrive 10 minutes early so the ushers can assist with parking. We will continue to livestream our services for those who are at higher risk or are unable to attend in person. Links are below. We encourage each family to worship and celebrate the Lord’s supper together at home.


Also, the Wednesday morning Ladies Bibles Study and children’s classes are cancelled. If you are wondering about any other chapel activities please contact the group leader for details.
If during this time you or your family need the support of our church body or leadership, please contact Chester or Rick to discern how best to walk alongside you. We want to continue practicing spiritual closeness as a body even as we practice social distancing!

During this difficult time we encourage you to find ways to generously care for neighbors, assist those with vulnerable health, and courageously share the hope of Jesus you have within you. This situation is an opportunity for Christ to shine through our lives.