Forest Hills Bible Chapel has a special interest in missions. We understand from Scripture that our God is a missionary God and that He expects His people to work with Him. Jesus taught us to pursue evangelism (Matthew 28:19-20) and social relief (Matthew 22:37-40; 23:23; 25:34-36). Therefore, FHBC sees missions as a natural part of our life with God. We promote involvement in missions through education, prayer, financial support and personal involvement in ministries.


Throughout the year, our preaching services include missionaries who share their work and present teaching on the work of evangelism. During the last year, we were blessed to hear reports from missionaries serving in Afghanistan, Canada, Columbia, Ecuador, Kenya, Romania and Turkey.

Education in missions also includes short-term mission trips, which allow our young people to see and experience missionary work first hand. Teams of young people and adults have traveled to Romania, Mexico, Quebec and North Dakota. They have worked in an orphanage, children’s Bible clubs, food distribution and construction. Many of our people are also involved in summer youth camps, primarily at Bair Lake Bible Camp and the Upper Peninsula Bible Camp.


FHBC encourages our people to pray for the Lord’s work in the world. We provide monthly information about the missionaries and ministries we support and are associated with. Our people intercede for these works in their personal prayer times and in their home care groups.

Financial Support

A significant percentage of our yearly church budget is dedicated to the monthly support of missionaries and ministries. We support the following ministries and missionaries in these areas of the world.

  • Asamblea Evangelica, Grand Rapids
  • Bair Lake Bible Camp, Jones, MI
  • Canadian Baptist Ministries, Toronto
  • Christian Direction, Montreal
  • Christian Missions in Many Lands, Turkey
  • GBUC (French Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship), Montreal
  • Highland Park Community Outeach, Detroit Michigan
  • Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship Camp Toah Nipi, New Hampshire
  • Missionary Aviation Fellowship
  • Upper Peninsula Bible Camp, Little Lake, Michigan
  • Christian Growth Center, Grand Rapids

Throughout the year, the leadership will highlight special missionary projects. Our people contribute voluntarily to these projects.

Personal Involvement in Ministries

We encourage our congregation to personally support worthwhile ministries with which they have personal contact. There are many good works in the Grand Rapids area and across the world which are working for the Lord and are worthy of our support. You can give your time and money to these works. So be creative and listen to the Holy Spirit about how you can become partners with them.